Module 8: The Dollhouse Murders

6 08 2010

Book Cover

Summary: When Amy goes to live with her Aunt Clare for a couple weeks she is entranced by the dollhouse she finds in the attic that is an exact replica of her Aunt’s house. However, her feelings soon turn to fear as she discovers that the dolls in the dollhouse come to life and reenact an unsolved murder that happened in that same house years ago. Is there an evil spirit haunting the dollhouse or is someone trying to tell the truth of the murder from beyond the grave?

Citation: Wright, Betty Ren. (1983) The Dollhouse Murders. New York: Holiday House.

My Impressions: At first I was thoroughly creeped out by this book. In my opinion nothing is more frightening than the unknown and with an unsolved murder and dolls mysteriously moving around acting out the murder I couldn’t help but be a little scared. However, the book is far from action-packed and the initial fright quickly dissipated as Amy deals with the much more mundane matters of her life. Maybe it was because I read this book on the heels of the action-packed, fast-paced 39 Clues: Maze of Bones, but overall this book failed to truly impress me.


“[T]aut, suspenseful novel…A subplot about Amy’s relationships with her parents, younger sister and best friend adds depth and warmth to this crisply paced tale.” —Publisher’s Weekly review excerpt

Library Use Suggestion: What the dolls do when they come to life is a vital part to Amy solving the mystery. Using the book’s descriptions children could act out what they think the dolls did.