Module 10: Amulet: The Stonekeeper

12 08 2010

Book Cover

Summary: When Emily and Navin move with their mom to an old family house in a small town they aren’t expecting much. But when their mom is kidnapped by a strange tentacled creature Emily and Navin follow them through the basement door and into another world. Here they discover a strange land beset by many dangers that they must survive in order to save their mom. With the help of some unexpected friends and a strange amulet they will do whatever they must to get her back.

Citation: Kibuishi, Kazu (2008) Amulet: The Stonekeeper. New York: Scholastic.

My Impressions: I began this book with low expectations and not expecting to like it. I’ve never read a graphic novel, and have never had a desire to. I like having lots of words on the page to be able to understand the story and characters better, and I wanted to create my own images in my mind. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I liked Amulet. The story was entertaining and fast-paced and despite the lack of words I was able to get a firm grasp on the characters and plot. This book definitely changed my view of graphic novels. While I probably won’t be reading many on my own, they certainly have their place and they are not without merit.


“Almost too clever and poignant, Amulet is, on the surface, about navigating the murky waters of adolescence and, beneath that, an exploration of abandonment and survival. This first volume of Amulet isn’t a disappointment, but it does feel like a warmup to the main event. If anything, it’s a clear indication that Kibuishi has just begun skimming the surface of his own talent.” —Publishers Weekly review excerpt

Library Use Suggestion: This would be a good book to recommend to an ESL student or one who does not like reading. Since the story is told through pictures and words are secondary (but still present on every page) this would be a good book to try to get a patron interested in reading and books.