Module 10: Forever

11 08 2010

Book Cover

Summary: When Katherine and Michael fall in love they are sure it is forever. But as they face the end of their senior year and a summer apart with the knowledge they will be going to different colleges, they begin to question if it will last. Forever is all about firsts, and finding out how long they last.

Citation: Blume, Judy. (2003) Forever. New York: Simon Pulse

My Impressions: I had a little bit of trouble getting into this book. The big problem for me was that I just didn’t feel that I got to know the characters very well and that the author didn’t go in depth enough. That being said, Forever has its merits particularly as a book that deals very candidly and realistically with two major issues teens face–sex and love. I can see how this would be a frequently challenged book, there are some pretty explicit sex scenes and even some teenage drinking (although for them it’s legal since the drinking age is 18) and references to pot smoking. However, none of it is sensationalized nor is it taken lightly. The book deals with issues that teens face, and I think they can definitely learn mature ways to approach it through this book.


“No preaching (Blume never does) but the message is clear; no hedging (Blume never does) but a candid account by Kathy gives intimate details of a first sexual relationship. The characters and dialogue are equally natural and vigorous, the language uncensored, the depiction of family relationships outstanding.” –Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Library Use Suggestion: Forever would be a good book to mention with mature high schoolers in a book talk  that deals with love and relationships.




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