Module 8: 39 Clues (Maze of Bones, Book 1)

31 07 2010

Book Cover

Summary: When Dan and Amy Cahill’s Aunt Grace dies, it sets off an international scavenger hunt which will lead members of the Cahill family to “a secret which…will make you the most powerful, influential human beings on the planet.” Pitted against their less than honest family members, and against the wishes of their Aunt Beatrice who is their guardian, Dan and Amy take their au pair and travel across the world in their search to discover the first of the 39 clues that will lead them to their goal.

Citation: Riordan, Rick. (2008) The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones. New York: Scholastic

My Impressions: I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while due to its popularity, and I’m glad I finally had an opportunity to. The book was very entertaining with a fast-paced plot, intelligent, yet realistic main characters you like from the start, and mystery and danger at every turn. This is the type of mystery/adventure that can appeal to all ages who like the genre, in fact with a few changes this could be an adult mystery. The other great thing about this series is how interactive it is with cards for children to collect and an online game they can play to solve the 39 clues themselves.


The book dazzles with suspense, plot twists, and snappy humor, but the real treasure may very well be the historical tidbits buried in the story.” —School Library Journal review excerpt

“Built around a ripe conceit—wealthy matriarch scatters cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune around the globe—this first installment in a projected 10-book series is tons of fun. Lead-off hitter Riordan (The Lightning Thief) mixes just the right proportions of suspense, peril and puzzles in a fast-paced read.”–Publisher’s Weekly review excerpt

Library Use Suggestion: This would be a good book to get children interested in researching their family tree. Just like Amy and Dan discover their famous ancestors through their search to solve the clues, kids might be surprised to discover who some of their ancestors are.




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